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And it feels good.
Everything was good.
And then he came back.
All the memories, everything…
Every single detail about him..
It just came back.

I could have smelt him,
I could have felt him,
I knew I could have touched him.

I just knew.
That second he was there, he was with me again.

It was like he was just standing next to me.
All the memories came back,
everything about him felt so real.
Like it have never felt before.

And there I was….
Standing still.
Feeling everything.
Feeling what I wanted to forget the most.
Everything that should have disappeared three years ago.

I was there.
Everyone was there.

I could have seen him,
heard him…
Just there.
Just me.
On my own.

It was good.
It felt real, I was feeling alive,
I was alive like I was never before.
I was alive.
I could have felt everything again.

I could have, but I didn’t.

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